Visiting Pomona Island

Pomona Island is an accessible location to see and hear native birds. It lies half way across Lake Manapouri and is classified as an "Open Sanctuary". Access is by boat. The main landing places are in Hurricane Passage, on the northern side of the island. 

Please ensure that your visit does not result in any unwanted pests such as stoats, rats, mice and seeds reaching the islands. The Trust asks anyone visiting Pomona or Rona Islands to follow these simple precautions:

  • Check your boat and packs for rats and mice before setting foot on the islands
  • Check your gear for any unwanted seeds which may be transferred to the islands
  • Do not leave any rubbish
  • Do not take any animals, including pets to the islands. Dogs in particular can be devastating for our kiwi population and are not allowed in National Parks.

There are marked tracks on Pomona which are used by the Trust for checking traps and monitoring birdlife. The tracks are rough and are NOT gravelled. The island is steep in places with uneven ground. The tracks can be hard to follow if you are not familiar with the island.

The Trust takes no responsibility for visits to the island by members of the public.

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