Pest monitoring

As Pomona and Rona Islands are close to the mainland, the risk of re-invasion by stoats, rats and mice is high.


On Pomona, there is a network of 201 stoat traps, 100 A24 self-setting traps and 267 bait stations. With such an extensive trap and bait station network, we are able to keep rat numbers at manageable levels, which is good news for the birdlife on the island. We monitor pest numbers with our network of trail cameras, and respond to any increases in pests by adjusting our trapping frequency or by activating the bait-station network.


Rona has always been rat-free. Our trap network reduces the risk of rats establishing a population on the island. Mice have been more of a problem as they provide competition for food with the young kiwi. To counter the mouse threat, the Trust has a network of 456 bait stations which can be activated when mouse numbers increase.

Rona has an extensive network of 118 tracking card tunnels, which are in constant use, in an effort to detect any pest incursions. There are also trail cameras across Rona.

The trap networks on both islands also target stoats. The islands are within easy swimming range for stoats and the occasional stoat does get caught in our traps.

Funding for our on-going pest control work is generously provided by Meridian Energy, DOC, Kiwis for Kiwi, Gary Chisholm and Friends of Pomona.

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