Volunteers for Pomona Island

The Pomona Island Charitable Trust is a community-based project aimed at restoring the largest island in a lake in New Zealand. In order to achieve our objectives we need volunteers to help us with our activities.

How can I get involved?
Working bees on Pomona and Rona Islands, and the nearby mainlands, are organised on a regular basis. These can often be a quite short notice to take advantage of a good weather forecast. Our current projects are described here.

If you would like to be added to our database of volunteers please e-mail pomona.island@ihug.co.nz and we will keep you informed of volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Who can volunteer?
Almost anyone can volunteer to help us on Pomona Island provided you are aged 17 or over. All volunteers are given a safety briefing and are asked to complete a form detailing pre-existing medical conditions and any task exclusions. Most equipment will be provided and all volunteers will be given a list of items to bring with them to a working bee.

A good level of fitness is, however, required as the work can be physical, but also rewarding.

Long Term Volunteer Opportunities
Please note that the Trust does not offer opportunities that span multiple days (say a week, month or longer). All of our opportunities are for single days throughout year.

Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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