There are seven Trustees and one Advisory Trustee:

Left to Right: Hunter Shaw, Chris Shaw, John Stevenson
(Treasurer), Harry Bull, John Whitehead (Chair), Neil Robertson, Vivienne Shaw (Secretary), Lindsay Wilson (DOC Advisor)
Our patron is world-renowned botanist Emeritus Professor Alan Mark
"As Patron of the Pomona Island Charitable Restoration Trust, I have been most impressed by the resolve and commitment of the Trustees to achieve their laudable purpose in an orderly and credible way. Patrons don't normally become actively involved with the organisation they are asked to support with their patronage but I was delighted to be asked and then to organise and be involved with an important baseline ecological survey of Pomona and Rona Islands. The results of our survey will be important later, in assessing the effectiveness of the carefully planned ecological restoration exercise for these two largest islands in Lake Manapouri, generally recognised as New Zealand's most beautiful lake. As many people in the area will appreciate, this lake is very dear to my heart after risking my scientific career in spearheading a highly contentious conservation battle through the 1960s and early 70s to "save" the lake and adjoining Lake Te Anau from the ambitions of some leading politicians, developers and engineers of the time to despoil them with lake raising in order to gain some extra hydro-electric generation from this resource. Thankfully, we retained the lakes and lakeshores in their natural state and now I wish the Pomona Trust every success with this major effort to restore the natural state of Manapouri's two largest islands." 
Alan F. Mark. June 19, 2006.
Our Patron and Trustees

Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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