Reintroducing Native Birds to the Islands

Having removed all pests from Pomona and Rona Islands the Trust has turned its attention to bringing birds back to the islands.

Mohua (Yellowhead)
Pomona Island became home to 42 mohua, following their transfer from Breaksea Island in February 2011. This was the first transfer of a threatened species to the island.

South Island Robin
In 2009 we transferred 79 South Island Robins from Breaksea Island and the Clinton Valley to Pomona and Rona. While a couple of birds flew over to the mainland, the vast majority have stayed and are now breeding. In December 2009 the first unbanded juvenile Robins were seen on the islands.

Haast Tokoeka (Kiwi)
Since December 2008 Rona Island has been used as a crèche site for the threatened Haast tokoeka. We hope to have a permanent population on Pomona very soon too. More...

Tieke (Saddleback)
The Trust aims to relocate tieke to both Pomona and Rona in the coming years.

Thanks to:
The Meridian Energy Te Anau Manapouri Community Fund for their financial assistance for the mohua transfer.
An anonymous benefactor who donated $5,000 to assist with the robin transfer.
The Department of Conservation, Haast for choosing Rona as a kiwi crèche site and helping to fund stoat traps.
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