If you or your organisation would like to sponsor the conservation work of the Pomona Island Charitable Trust please call our secretary Viv Shaw on 03 249 7112 or email her at pomona.island@ihug.co.nz

A BIG thank you to all of our current sponsors

We have already received financial and in-kind support from a number of organisations.

Baseline research on the flora and fauna on both Pomona and Rona Islands was funded with a grant from the Leslie Hutchins Conservation Foundation. More...> A further grant enables rodent tracking tunnels to be purchases and deployed.

Donald Riley kindly donated a significant sum of money towards the costs of rodent eradication. These funds contributed to the costs of aerial application of brodifacoum to remove all the rats and mice from both Pomona and Rona Islands.

Lottery Grants Board (Environment and Heritage) has allocated the Trust two grants. The first in 2006 funded a pest management plan and a social impact assessment. The second grant in 2008 supported the possum mop-up phase of our pest eradication programme on Pomona Island.

The Department of Conservation in Southland and Westland have generously given advice, equipment and funding for a whole range of the Trust's activities.

A donation from the Southland Branch of Forest and Bird has helped us to promote the activities of the Trust.

Fiordland Cinema and Fiordland Ecology Holidays have provided financial support towards the running costs of the Trust.

Administrative support for the Trust's activities is provided by  Topajka Shaw Consulting Ltd

Adventure Kayak and Cruise have transported volunteers on Lake Manapouri to help with many activities of the Trust. They have also financially supported the stoat eradication programme.

Fiordland Helicopters have flown volunteers and equipment to the island.
The Community Trust of Southland awarded the Trust a grant towards the cost of eradicating rodents from Pomona and Rona Islands.
A Transpower grant, administered by the NZ National Parks and Conservation Foundation, has been received for the eradication of possum from Pomona Island.
An anonymous benefactor has donated two significant sums of money. The first donation contributed to the costs of pest eradication and quarantine measures on the islands. A second donation has been made contributing to the first transfer of robins to Pomona and Rona Islands.
The development of Friends of Pomona has been made possible through a grant from the Meridian Energy Manapouri Te Anau Community Fund. The Meridian Community Fund has also supported the recent translocation of mohua (yellowhead) to Pomona Island.
A contribution to the costs of the deer eradication on Pomona Island has been received from the Morven Family Partnership
A donation from the Gary Chisholm family of Christchurch has enabled the Trust to replace all existing stoat traps on Pomona and the adjacent mainland with stainless steel DOC 150 traps. In addition, the funding was made available to put in place two new trap lines on the mainland to give greater protection to Rona Island. Recently funding to manage rats on Pomona has also been provided.

A local family Trust has donated a significant sum in support of the overall conservation aims of the Trust.
Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Photo: DOC
Photo: DOC
Photo: Porter and McTavish
Fish Jet Te Anau have provided transport for volunteers to Pomona Island.