Objectives of the Trust

The Pomona Island Charitable Trust was set up in July 2005 with the aim of restoring the largest inland island in New Zealand to its presumed natural state prior to the introduction of pests. The specific objectives of the Trust are:
  • To eradicate all mammalian pest species from Pomona Island
  • To ensure a high quality of indigenous biodiversity on the island in terms of both flora and fauna
  • To reintroduce, through natural and assisted means, birdlife native to Fiordland within the Southwest New Zealand World Heritage Area
  • To provide a safe habitat for endangered and threatened birds to breed thereby increasing the populations of individual species
  • To monitor conservation activities and their impact on the island's biodiversity
  • To transfer the experiences learned on Pomona Island to other inland islands in Fiordland
Research and Education
  • To encourage research activities which enhance our knowledge and appreciation of restoration activities
  • To promote awareness among both local people and visitors of the indigenous biodiversity potential of the island
  • To  provide an accessible location for people to see, hear and learn about the flora and fauna native to Fiordland
Community Involvement
  • To ensure community involvement in the island restoration project through informal consultation and volunteer activities
  • To promote the restoration of Pomona Island as a project for the local community to be proud of
Recreation and Tourism
  • To promote Pomona Island as a place for locals and tourists to visit and experience a part of Fiordland as it used to be
Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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