Mainland Trapping Programme

Keeping Pests Off the Islands
Pomona Island is only 500 metres from the mainland and Rona some 600 metres away at their closest points. To reduce the risk of a rat or stoat swimming across to the islands, the Trust maintains three mainland trap lines:
  • along Hurricane Passage opposite Pomona.
  • around the Beehive to the west of Rona
  • along the shore to the north of Rona.
Opposite Pomona, the original line of 24 double trap tunnels was set in November 2006. In August 2008, during Conservation week, the original Fenn traps were replaced with new stainless steel DOC 150 traps.

Opposite Rona, the two lines of traps were established in October 2008 with 11 double trap sets (DOC 150 traps) around the Beehive and 10 double trap sets on the shore to the north of Rona.

All three lines had further traps added during 2009 in anticipation of increased pest numbers due to the partial Beech mast in late 2008.

On the mainland opposite Pomona, the Trust has 72 trap sites with a mix of double-set DOC 150 and single-set DOC 200 traps. A graph of animals caught opposite Pomona is available here.

To the north of Rona, the Trust maintains 10 trap sites and around the Beehive a further 35 trap sites. A graph of the catches on these lines will be available here in the near future.

Thanks to:
  • the Gary Chisholm Family Trust for the funding of the replacement of traps and the extension of the mainland trap lines
  • Southland Trailer Yacht Squadron for regularly checking and clearing the traps opposite Pomona.
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