Friends of Pomona

Help us to restore New Zealand's largest inland island, Pomona, and Rona Island too. Download our leaflet  and become a Friend of Pomona today.

See the list of our Corporate Friends here.

Help us to realise our island dream
By becoming a Friend you will help us to:
        - keep Pomona Island free of pests
        - restore the island to a pristine environment
        - re-introduce endangered bird species than were once common in  
        - provide a safe habitat for native birds to breed and flourish
        - encourage conservation research and educational activities on

As a Friend you will:
        - receive regular news updates keeping you informed of progress on
        - receive an annual report
        - gain a sense of achievement from helping the local community to
          restore Pomona Island - the largest island in New Zealand's most
          beautiful lake
        - be contributing directly to the survival of flora and fauna native to  
Annual Friendship Fee
  •  Individual          $25
  •  Family               $35
  •  International      $40
  •  Corporate         $100*
* includes GST. All Corporate Friends are listed on our website which is updated monthly.

Our thanks to those individuals who are already supporting our work on Pomona Island.
The development of Friends of Pomona has been made possible through a grant from the Meridian Energy Manapouri Te Anau Community Fund
Photos courtesy of Graham Dainty
Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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