Donations can be made to support any of our Current Projects. The Trust is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 (Registration No. CC22629). Anyone who donates to the Trust can claim the tax back on their donation.

Major funding for:
  • Relocation of bird species to the islands
  • Vegetation and invertebrate monitoring
is currently being sought. Please contact the Secretary of the Trust to discuss other funding opportunities.

Funding is always needed for items such as:
  • Boat transport to the islands for working bees
  • Replacement/additional traps on the mainland
  • Eggs and meat to bait the traps
  • Poison to fill the bait stations and motels.

Donations can be made direct to our bank account at:

BNZ, Te Anau Branch,  Account Number: 02 0965 0036181 000

or by cheque made payable to Pomona Island Charitable Trust and sent to
Pomona Island Charitable Trust, P O Box 248, Te Anau

To make a donation using your credit card please download our Friends of Pomona leaflet.

Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Photo: G. Dainty