Deer Eradication

Project Objective
To remove all deer from Pomona island.

A small resident population of red deer was known to be present on Pomona Island. It is also known that, form time to time, deer, especially stags, swam to the island. A deer pen was also built on the island but had not been used for some time. Baseline research showed that the vegetation on Pomona Island had been severely browsed by deer. It was important, therefore, to remove the deer to enable the vegetation to recover.

No evidence of deer has been found on Rona Island.

Method Used
Early in 2007 the deer pen was repaired, an additional entry gate added and the radio system, that signals when an animal is in the pen, restored. Although no deer have yet been caught in the pen by the Trust, the system is monitored every day from Manapouri.

Contract Wild Animal Control Limited was engaged to undertake the deer eradication during May 2007. The company used hunting dogs and tracking techniques to find and shoot five deer.

Current Status
No fresh deer browse or other deer sign has been seen on Pomona Island since May 2007. A visit to the deer pen in December 2009 showed it to be completely overgrown, where once was lawn-like vegetation.

Thanks to:
Morven Partnership Family Trust

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