Achievements of the Trust

The Story So Far
Since its foundation in 2005, the Trust has achieved a great deal. In the first year of operation the Trust undertook baseline research to assess the condition of the plant, invertebrate and bird life on Pomona and Rona Islands.

In 2006 and 2007 the main focus of the Trust shifted to removing all pests from the two islands. Guided by a professional pest management plan pest species were targeted in the following order: stoats, possums, deer, rats and mice.

Since 2008, Rona has played a key role in the recovery of the endangered Haast kiwi as it has been used as a crèche island. Robins were reintroduced to Pomona and Rona in 2009 and mohua were transferred to Pomona in 2011.

In June 2011 the Trust's achievements were recognised when it received, from the Ministry for the Environment, a Green Ribbon Award for Protecting Our Diversity.

Key Projects completed so far include:
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Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Baseline Research
Deer Eradication
Possum Eradication
Stoat                          Rats and Mice             Possums                     Deer

Reintroducing Native Birds                        Kiwi Creche

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